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To Japanese Clients

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A Specialized Service That Combines Interior Design and Construction Management Services 





私はNew York在住のコンストラクションマネジャー兼インテリアデザイナーです。ここで15年以上働いて生活しています。

以前日本のお客様からお仕事を頂いたとき,アメリカで新規にオフィスやお店を開こうとされる日本のお客様にとって,日本とアメリカの法規・規格・商習慣など の違いに,迅速かつ適正に対応することがいかに大切かということを痛感しました。このときは私のニューヨークでの経験や知識そして技術が大いに役立ちました。

I am an interior designer and construction manager who has been living and working in New York City for more than 15 years.

As I worked on a Japanese client’s project, I learned firsthand that for a Japanese company planning to open a new business in New York City, it is crucial to be able to quickly and properly communicate to understand and respond to differences between Japan and America. There are a number of basic differences regarding laws, business practices and social customs that require proficient communications. My experience and skills developed working in New York City proved to be quite useful to help this client. It is now my goal to offer these services to Japanese clients as a full-time business venture.