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My credentials and experience include:
• Bachelor of Fine Arts in interior design from the Fashion Institute of Technology.
• Master of Science in construction management from New York University.
• Experience from a number of different interior design projects in New York City, including projects for offices, restaurants, hotels, and residential buildings.

To Japanese Clients

The advantages of my services include:
• Because I will manage the project on behalf of you, my Japanese client, the distractions to your daily operation will be minimum.
• I save clients the expense to pay an architectural design firm.
• I minimize errors and unnecessary expenses that can be caused by miscommunication and unfamiliarity with the architecture process.

My unique value propositions include:
• I offer a specialized niche service in which interior design and construction management services are combined.
• In the process of an interior design project in America, the programming, concept design and design development phases are managed by an architecture firm. However, as part of my service, I take care of these phases by working closely with Japanese clients as their designer so that their vision is developed into designs more quickly and more accurately. For this reason, the fees that my Japanese clients pay to architecture firms are significantly lower.
• I review English-written construction documents to make sure that all designs have been detailed and specified accurately.
• After construction begins, I visit the construction site regularly and communicate with architecture firms and construction companies to ensure that the project progresses smoothly throughout the entire construction process.

My specific capabilities include:
• Using my experience and skill gained from construction management, I help Japanese clients manage communications with American companies to ensure that Japanese clients’ messages are communicated accurately, appropriately and effectively.
• As an agent for Japanese clients, I assist in the negotiation process with American companies.
• Using my English architectural vocabulary and design skills, I articulate Japanese clients’ requirements and vision to American architecture firms.
• With my understanding in the distinct differences in the construction project management process between Japan and America, I provide end-to-end project management for Japanese clients, helping ensure that what are typically simple matters in Japan do not become complicated matters in America.


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